We take pupil and adult security very seriously at Telferscot.

During a school day the gates are locked and doors are secured, staff all wear badges and anyone on site without a visitors badge will be challenged.

We do allow parents to be in and around the school building at the end of the day – we want to work together but must also ask that we all think about safety.

We now only use ONE gate into the school – it can get congested so please think carefully about arriving early for school and leaving promptly to avoid congestion. In order to keep us safe a member of the premises staff is outside the gate encouraging sensible use of the road outside the school – and to keep us all moving!

All visitors to the school are asked to sign in at the office and if a parent is a regular volunteer (trips or reading) then they are checked carefully via the DBS system. Forms must be filled in and ID presented at the office.

Did You Know