Secondary Transfer

During Year 5, parents start seriously thinking about the ‘next steps’ for their children.

The Summer Term is the time when parents will want to start looking at websites and planning visits to secondary schools to see which one looks like the best fit for their child. We are spoilt for choice in this area with all of our local secondary schools judged to be good or outstanding and all vibrant and high achieving places to learn.

We work hard to make the process of selection and then application as stress free as possible. We run information meetings, coffee mornings and send out information about key dates. We offer times when parents can come in and fill in the forms electronically and we consistently nag you all about getting the forms in on time!
We also often arrange meetings at school with some of our local Secondary School Year 7 staff and our staff have even arranged special ‘visits’ to schools for some parents.

In previous years leavers have gone on to; Chestnut Grove, Dunraven, Graveney, Elmgreen, Bishop Thomas Grant as well as selective and fee paying schools such as Wimbledon, JAGS, Tiffin (Grammar), Kingsdale.

Search for your local secondary school using Ofsted's listings

All applications have to be made via your Bourough of residence. Apply here if you are a Lambeth resident

After offer date we also support families and children with appeals if necessary and liaison about children – and we continue to run transfer meetings to ease the stress and encourage children to cope with the changes ahead.

These include:

First aid workshops

Safe travel seminars

Support to get oyster cards

Prep for organising yourself!

Cycle training

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