Our more able learners

At Telferscot we provide for our more able learners in the following ways:

High expectations for all.

  •  Having high expectations for all our children, especially our most able students.
  •  A school culture that celebrates achievement and promotes high aspirations.
  •  Early identification of the most able children so that teaching is adapted, and the curriculum tailored, to meet their needs.
  •  A commitment to working with parents; we love learning about the amazing things children can do outside of school and encourage parents to contribute to the assessment process, particularly in Early Years.
  •  A variety of groupings in the class that allow the children to be stretched and challenged.
  •  “Challenge” sessions, led by senior staff. (For example; Level 6 Maths and English sessions)
  • Effective training and cooperative practice, ensuring that teachers learn from one another.
  • Regular tracking and monitoring of the achievement and progress of all children, ensuring that the most able children are sufficiently challenged and making good progress.
  •  Pupil Premium used effectively to enrich the educational experience of the most able students



  •  An innovative curriculum, allowing the most able children to be challenged and extended.
  • Creative partnerships with The Southbank Centre, British Film Institution, National Theatre, Lambeth City Learning Centre and The Unicorn Theatre. Our partnerships allow the children to work with specialists in the arts and to participate in prestigious learning projects which both inspire and challenge.
  •  Effective formative assessment: knowing what a child can do, what they need to do next and providing learning experiences to make this happen!
  • Purposeful homework, differentiated in order to challenge all children
  • Imaginative homework projects – “Home Learning”, designed to motivate and engage children and celebration of these projects in school.
  • Deployment of specialist staff in order to provide high quality teaching in subjects such as Music, PE, French, Drama and Art.
  • Enrichment opportunities through our School Cluster and through our Arts partnerships (for example: Special Science day at a local Secondary School, Dance workshops at The Southbank Centre and a vast number of sports competitions.
  • A range of high quality extra-curricular activities on offer.



  •  Effective transition arrangements from one year to the next; “hand-over” time from one classteacher to the next and early “baseline” assessments in September combine to ensure we have a through and detailed understanding of every child’s current attainment and potential.
  • Effective transition arrangements that support the children as they move from primary to secondary school, passing on information to secondary schools so that the most able can sustain the progress they have made and maintain the pace of their learning.
  • Support and advice to parents who are considering their Secondary Schools choices.


Did You Know