At Telferscot Primary School we work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage good behaviour.



We expect the children to be responsible, make good choices and show respect for the whole school community.

We have the following school Rules:

  • Follow instructions first time.

  • Show respect by speaking and listening politely to others.

  • Walk quietly and calmly around the school.

  • Keep hands, feet, objects and unpleasant comments to yourself.

  • Look after Telferscot by putting things back in their correct place.

We expect parents to act as positive role models for all children when they are in or travelling to school. We would ask you to treat each other, all the staff and the children with respect.

Telferscot Primary School takes issues of bullying and racism very seriously and the Staff and Governors have put in place an anti-bullying and anti-racist policies and procedures which are available for parents to see.

Be good, Michael Rosen's poetry head is watching you!...made for the Imagine Childrens Festival,
Southbank Centre and now lives at our school.



Behaviour at Telferscot is excellent. We support behaviour in the following ways:

  • Teaching lessons which are interesting and engaging.
  • A consistent whole school approach to behaviour management.
  • Staff maintaining high expectations for behaviour for all children at all times.
  • Staff modeling and encouraging polite and positive behaviour.
  • Staff knowing children’s special educational needs and understanding that some children will need additional support to maintain excellent behaviour.
  • Working in partnership with parents.
  • An enthusiastic Family Liaison team who support Attendance and punctuality.
  • A staff who are all aware of different forms of bullying, actively try to prevent it and decisively deal with it.
  • Acknowledging and rewarding good behaviour with daily housepoints and golden lottery tickets
  • Acknowledging and rewarding behaviour during Weekly and Termly Certificate Assembly.
  • Holding special competitions and events which help to sustain excellent behaviour in school; for example: Class competitions for lining up
  • Encouraging children to take on responsibility in school and expecting them to demonstrate excellent behaviour at all times.

Class monitors

School Councilors

School Champions

House Captains / Vice House Captains

  • Putting into place Individual Behaviour Plans for children who are struggling with their behaviour.
  • Providing support for parents from Angela Guiliani, our Learning and Behaviour Consultant
  • Providing Nurture Groups and “No Blame” sessions to groups of children who need extra support with friendship / social issues.
  • Providing all Junior children with access to “Shine Time” sessions during their lunchtimes. This is an opportunity to speak freely, share problems and problem-solve with a highly experienced teaching assistant.
  • Providing Play Therapy for our most needy children
  • Accessing support and advice from the Educational Psychologist, Lark Hall Autism Outreach team, Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Primary Pupil Referral Unit (Kennington Park Bridge to School). 

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