Sports at our school

At Telferscot we have the benefit of learning many different and wide ranging sports. We have the wonderful benefit of having a dedicated sports coach who teaches our whole school sports weekly.

 We train and assemble sports teams and we like to enter competitions regularly. Luckily our PSA has invested in sports kits for teams and more to help support sports based learning.

As a school we also have blocks of swimming lessons at Balham Sports Centre from Year 3 onwards with our aim being that every child will swim 25m or more by the time they leave us in Year 6.

We are serious about our children accessing and benefiting from a wide range of sports to help them have life long skills, enjoyment and fitness. Sport also teaches us about team playing and good sportsmanship. 

For the past few years we have enjoyed sports days at Tooting Athletics Track which has the benefit of work with St Francis Xavier college and Platanos College in Stockwell who help provide their sports science students as stewards for the event.

Read more about sporting life at Telferscot or read our sports blog for the latest Sports news.

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