Chair Update for meeting on 21st November 2016



The Governing Body met on 21 November and were delighted to welcome the newly elected Parent Governors, Emma Cornwall and Tia O’Flaherty, to their first meeting.


The November meeting is intended as a full reporting meeting in the Governing Body calendar, and Governors discussed reports from the Headteacher; the Standards Committee, which considers pupil progress and teaching standards; and the Resources Committee, which considers financial, staffing and premises issues.


At the meeting, the governors also considered the plans for the future.  Jenny Martin,  Matthew Green and I explained that we had met with representatives from Lambeth.   Lambeth have postponed the opening of a new primary school (by Telferscot) on New Park Road, until at least 2018/9.  This is because it is unclear whether additional primary school places will be needed in the area.  Lambeth explained that this is due, amongst other things, to fluctuations in the birth rate.  Furthermore, following the meeting with Lambeth, the school is waiting for confirmation from Lambeth that an Autistic Unit Resources Base (on the Telferscot Road site) will be built.   Lambeth have identified the old school kitchen (the white building behind the bike sheds) as a suitable location.  We will keep you posted!  What is more certain is that the playground improvement works will proceed next summer and it is hoped that the new library will be built in what is currently the play shed.


With regards to Standards, Governors carefully considered the school's data and paid particular attention to each year group.  Governors were pleased to note that Telferscot children are performing very well: predictions for end of year results are strong across the school, and compare very well with Lambeth and National expectations.


As part of the Resources Committee report, Governors heard that the school’s finances are healthy and that the recent school audit had gone well: overall the audit found the school to be outstanding from a finance and procedural perspective. Lambeth have provided the school with a sum of money to enable essential repairs to be carried out to the roof of the old building which should be carried out in the early new year. 

We also discussed and appraised school attendance, punctuality and the provision of school meals.  

The Full Governing Body will meet again on 13 March, and I look forward to updating you again in 2017.

 Celia Barrett


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