Chair's Update: 15th May 2017

The Full Governing Body met on 15 May for our fourth meeting of the academic year.

At the meeting, Governors discussed reports from the Headteacher; the Resources Committee, which considers financial, staff and premises issues; and the Inclusion Committee, which considers Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs.

Governors carefully considered and approved the school budget, and reviewed a financial forecast for the next three academic years, in light of the probable funding cuts. Governors also discussed the strategic options for the future of Telferscot, including over the longer term the option of academisation and in the shorter term, the programme of Summer works to improve the playground and to create a library in the sheltered play space.

With regards to the refurbishment of the building that originally housed the school kitchen, Lambeth are reconsidering the need for an Autistic Resources Base on this site. Therefore the Senior Leadership Team and the Governing Body are currently discussing the options with Lambeth in order for a decision to be made on the most suitable use for the building.

Governors were also pleased to note the positive results of a recent pupil survey, which indicate that overall children enjoy their lessons and they feel happy and safe at Telferscot. Governors were delighted to learn that the SATs had been completed and to learn of the wide range of exciting learning the children have done this year so far.

The Full Governing Body are due to meet next on 10 July 2017. I look forward to updating you then.

Celia Barrett