Year 2 JH

Remembrance Day

12 Nov 2018

Hi everyone, 

Hopefully lots of you managed to make down to see the peace trail. If you didn’t, check out the pictures to see the lovely wreaths we made. 

In Maths, we have been comparing numbers using greater than and less than symbols. We even used the sign to compare number sentences! We also had a go at adding 3 single digit numbers together in one number sentence.

In English, continuing with our topic of WW1, we had a go at writing our own peace poems. We started by exploring the use of rhyming words. We then extracted these words and put them into sentences before having a go at making our own poems. 

In PE, we are starting to apply our throwing and catching skills into game situations with bigger teams.

For this weeks class assembly, the costumes required are just all black, plain tops and bottoms. We will do the rest!


Class assembly on Friday 16th 

All black costume for the assembly can be brought in on Thursday 15th 

Emmanuel Show & Tell this week 


Mr Henry 

P.s. thanks for the plastic bottles :)