Year 1 EK

Halving, doubling and traditional tales!

07 Feb 2018

This week in maths we have been learning on to halve and double numbers. We discovered that doubling is the same as adding the same number together (so double 3 is 3+3) and then we realised that that is the same as 3x2!! We then discovered that halving is the same as dividing by 2 which is the same as sharing between 2! We then had a go at halving shapes. In literacy we started the week by sequencing our trip to the Museum of Childhood and then writing all of the facts we have learnt about toys and how they have changed over time. We are then finishing off the week by planning and writing our own traditional tale. In music we have continued to learn some traditional playground clapping songs and also had a go at a Spanish number. 

The first day back is our school trip! The children won't need a packed lunch. We will be back in time for PE so remember to bring in your PE kits still!