Year 5 CD

Who will you be?

13 Jul 2018

Year 5 Weekend Homework:

As you know, we are starting to read “Bill’s New Frock” by Anne Fine.  A couple of weeks ago we imagined who we would be if we were to wake up as someone else, just like Bill!  On Monday, we would like you to come into school as if you were someone else! Throughout the day, you will act like this person and write notes about your experience which will feed into your writing for that day and the rest of the week.


  • Choose someone you know between the ages of 8-11.
  • If you choose someone who is your friend ask their permission first!
  • Wear your uniform shoes.
  • Only change what you need to, to be your character, it is not mufti!
  • Make sure you have a pocket to carry some folded paper and a pen.
  • No electrical accessories.


Request: please can you bring a plastic bag in on Monday so we can start to get your books ready?  Thank you!