Shakespeare or compost? That is the question!

14 Sep 2017

We have really been getting into our topic for this term.  The children are coming up with some amazing explanations of their own, following our ICT research on food waste. Can you guess who wrote this?

"I found out that 1/3 of the food we buy goes in a bin which doesn't surprise me because people throw away food all the time and that's the problem, because when it is placed in landfill methane gas is produced contributing to global warming."

To be honest, this reads like it is written in a text book and we will be returning to this explanation time and time again.  Well done to all the children for really getting to grips with our topic on Food Waste.

Coming back to the title of this post... as you know it is our class assembly tomorrow!  We have mixed in some Shakespeare with our tale to combine our two focuses for the winter term: our Shakespeare production and food waste.  It starts at 3pm!


Do you waste your left overs?

08 Sep 2017

We started our food waste project with Groundwork yesterday!  It was very shocking to see just how much food could have been eaten but gets thrown away.  Is it a case of our eyes our too big for our bellies?  Or, we're simply full?  Guess how many meals could have been eaten with the food Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 threw away?


Welcome Back!

07 Sep 2017

We are so excited by our new start to the year! We have our Shakespeare performance to look forward to; our food waste project with Groundwork London and even our own 5CD assembly which will introduce you to these topics.

Miss Sarah and myself have really enjoyed getting to know all of the children and we look forward to meeting you all across the year.  Please come along for a chat at our 'pop-in evening' on Monday 11th September (next week).

Best wishes,

Ms Diego