End of year drumming celebration!

18 Jul 2017

Over the past few days, 4HB have written their own rhythms using key words they have come up with from the subjects they have enjoyed. We have put it altogether into one big drumming piece to celebrate the learning that they have done this year. The drums being used are mostly the ones that the children made in their first week of 4HB! Some of these drums may need some TLC with cellotape and extra plastic bags (!) but they have been well loved over the year. The main chorus is '4HB is really cool, we learn lots and lots at school' interspersed with other refrains such as 'South America, rainforests and llamas', all of these written by the children. Ask your child to tell you the rest of their lyrics if you can't quite hear them!



Miss Ball




17 Jul 2017

In RE, 4HB have been learning about Sikhism, handling important religious artefacts and finding out what the 5Ks are all about. Follow these links below to find out more information about Sikhism:




By Miss Ball

Getting ready for the Streatham Festival!

07 Jul 2017

I'm sure you are all very excited about tomorrow's 4HB performance in the Streatham Festival! Here are a few details to clarify the location and timings. The location is Streatham Green (not Streatham Common!) and children must wear school uniform as they will be representing the school. Please bring your child and their instrument if required to Streatham Green for 12pm midday so that we can set up and be ready for our performance at 12.30pm.

Saturday, 8 July, 2017 - 12:00
Free - just bring yourself

Location: Outside The Manor Arms pub, Corner of Babington Road & Mitcham Lane, Streatham Green, SW16 6LQ (near St Leonard's Church)

Art Gallery preparations

06 Jul 2017

We have been having a lot of fun in 4HB putting the finishing touches to our wonderful batik flag creations. We would love to see you tonight at the art gallery from 6.30-7.30pm where you can enjoy the sights of our batik flags, tie-dye tshirts as well as creations from all of the other classes. We will be set up in the main hall where you can also find out lots about the design, making and evaluating process. Looking forward to seeing you there!


By Miss Ball