Year 3 JD

Time to remember

12 Nov 2018

Hi everyone,

First of all, and you to everyone that was able to make parents even last week. Also, to the ones that had asked to rearrange for another time. If anyone has any other parents regarding anything we discussed, please come and see me.

Secondly, I like to really big the children up. Every single one of 3JD had a fantastic two weekss learning about World War One and Rememerance. The children produced lovey, well thought poems regarding war, peace and remembrance and showed real pride, wanting to share their work with the whole class.

Thank you to those that were able to make the remembrance trail, it was a lovely afternoon and again, the child enjoyed making their poppy bottle and displaying some of their work.

I hope you all had a nice weekend, here's to another's week!

Mr Davies