Year 2 JH

Sports Day & Cooking

12 Jul 2018

Hello everyone,

We only have 6 school days left together which makes me feel quite sad :(

We have had a lovely chilled out week so far with lots of fun activities. In English, we have continued exploring both the crayon themed Oliver Jeffers books. Today, we were able to make our very own postcards as one of the crayons. We were telling Duncan all about how we had been lost, forgotten or broken hoping to be rescued. 

In Maths, we have recapped tally charts and have been collecting our own data from the class. 

In Science, we have been looking at forces and conducted an experiment using straw rockets. We changed one variable, the length, to see if it affected the distance travelled through the air. We wrote wrote our conclusions explaining what had happened and why.

Year 2 were lucky enough to be invited to watch the Year 6 end of school performance which was amazing with the children sitting and enjoying the show beautifully for over an hour!

2JH continued this streak of amazing invites when Sammi invited us for a cooking session where we were able to make our own delicious tortillas ­čśŹ.

Yesterday we had a practice on the common for Sports Day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We look forward to Friday and if you are coming along, make sure you're in sports wear so you can get involved in our adults race if we have the time at the end. 


Sports Day tomorrow 13th July 

Enjoy a homework free weekend, 

Mr Henry