Singing award, tally charts and Autumn trees

16 Nov 2017

2JH the winners of the first weekly singing award :)

Hello all,

In Maths we've been looking at different ways of presenting data. We've made our own tally charts, pictograms and now bar graphs. In English we had a look again at winter trees and the use of personification! Now we're writing our own Autumn trees poem. In Science we looked at making our own recipes and sets of instructions for a healthy Christmas snack. In PSHE we looked at how important it is to make everyone feel included as it's not a nice feeling being left out. 

Children in need tomorrow so remember your £1 and any old pound coins you have we take as well. As we mentioned last week, some of the teachers will be doing different crazy challenges but will need donations across the school to reach £100 before they even think about doing it. So any extra donation for any of the challenges you would like to see that were mentioned in last weeks blogs would be awesome. Bring in your £1 for Children In Need 80's themed clothes, I know I've got mine ready, and bring in an extra bit of cash to donate to the teachers doing some crazy challenges.

Look forward to seeing your outfits,

Mr Henry

Children in need 17th November

10 Nov 2017

Hi all, 

It was lovely to have a chat with you all over the past couple of days and I hope you all found it beneficial. 

In Maths we have been looking at time! It is a very tricky concept to grasp so we have a sheet to practice at home. If you guys could talk about time at home, like I know you probably do, that would be amazing. 

In English we've continued to explore poetry and are now writing our own!

In Science we are looking at a healthy diet and all the different food types. Computing we are looking at photography and editing photos.

Friday 17th is children in need and we are raising money by all dressing up in a 80's themed clothes, teachers and children included (bring in £1 for donations)There is also a cake sale on that do to :)

Some teachers will be participating in some crazy activities to help raise even more money. 

Mr Plews having his legs waxed!

Miss Ball cutting off some of her hair.

Miss Newling will be on an exercise bike all day. 

The rest will be getting pies thrown at them!

Donations for these crazy activities are more than welcome!



Odd sock day on Monday to celebrate individuality for anti-bullying week.

Remember reading books and reading records everyday.

Friday 17th November is children in need 80's dress up.


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Henry

The run up to Xmas!

02 Nov 2017

Hope you all had a lovely half term and are ready for a very busy term ahead. We will have our hands full with the Christmas production on the 6th and 7th of December in addition to everything else! In English we have been exploring Allan Ahlbergs work and performing his poem Please Mrs Butler to the class in pairs. Maths we have been comparing different numbers and partitioning. In DT we will be creating our own Fimo Xmas decorations.

Parent conferences on the 8th and 9th of November (next week) please sign up for a time.

Thank you, 

Mr Henry 

The Gruffalo's Children!

19 Oct 2017

The first half term is nearly over already!

What an amazing first term it has been for us in 2JH. It's been a super busy week as ever with our trip to the Royal Festival Hall to watch The Gruffalo's Child with The Philharmonic Orchestra. We've been looking as measurement in Maths from millimetres to metres. In English we were exploring the Gruffalo's Child text writing our own recounts as the Gruffalo's Child. With our Telferfit this week, we have been practising some relaxation techniques and calming ourselves down for the start of our days. As it is diversity week, KS1 have been doing a carousel in the other classes to learn about different countries. Colombia, Mauritius, Namibia and India!

Street food fair this afternoon from 3pm-4pm 

Hope you all have a lovely half term break. 


Mr Henry