Hunting for bugs...

20 Jul 2017

It is our final week, however, that didn't stop us getting out and about and searching for evidence of life in our local park!

Check out some of these beasties!


Did we meet our aspirations?

20 Jul 2017

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching 5CD this year!  Reading our class' reflections on Year 5 and what they thought about their original goals was testament to how much we have all enjoyed it.  


Come to see the volcanoes!

06 Jul 2017

What was our topic in Term 6?

Our topic in term 6 is volcanoes! We have learnt about how they erupt, why they erupt and how much damage they do to the surrounding land. We did some amazing experiments too! One of our experiments blew us away (quite literally!) as we made volcanoes out of Coke and Mentos. 

What is our Art Project?

Year 5 have been doing Wire Art for our topic this term. It has been loads of fun. We were very fortunate to have all the resources we needed so the possibilities were unlimited! 

How do Volcanoes relate to our Art Project?

5CD’s art project relates to our topic on volcanoes as we did landscapes with our coat hangers. Some people did a volcano, others a sunset, some a waterfall, others hills and a few people even tried a rainbow! Some things were very trying (like butterflies, flowers and rainbows), while others were fairly simple (like hills).

What resources did we have?

  • Metal Wire
  • Tissue Paper
  • Backing Paper
  • Card
  • A variety of Coat Hangers
  • Feathers
  • Ribbon
  • A Glue Gun 


This has been an amazing way to end Year 5!

Come and see the finished products at the Art Gallery tonight!

By 5CD



30 Jun 2017

We hope you had fun at our assembly, in case you missed it, it involved: explosions, racing, experimenting and anti-stereotyping/discrimination messages.  

It was also loosely based on "Bill's New Frock" by Anne Fine.  We hope you enjoyed it!