Children in Need!

16 Nov 2017

Tomorrow brings with it the excitement of Children in Need! Always a fantastic day but there are lots of extra special things happening. Most importantly (aside from the cakes!) is the teacher sponsorship challenges! 8 teachers are taking part in 6 challenges either throughout the day or in a special assembly. These are:

Mr Plews - getting his legs waxed

Miss Ball - having her hair cut off

Miss Newling - cycling all day

Ms Diego - dancing in assembly

Miss Fitzherbert, Ms Skates, Mrs Priest - in the stocks

Miss Curry (who me?!) - having food dumped on her

Im sure you'll agree these are some pretty impressive challenges so we need your sponsorship! The challenges will only be completed if each adult raises enough money and you can donate as little or as much as you like - every little helps. You can also sponsor as many adults as you like! One way you can get involved is by sponsoring via parentpay so please log in and give generously! 

Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter and blogs to see the action from the day and bring in your cake donations for our spotty themed cake sale at the end of the day.


Benjamin Franklin museum

12 Nov 2017

Our first trip of last week was to the excellent Benjamin Franklin museum by Charing Cross, a fantastic session in which we were given a tour of the house by Polly, watched a demonstration of Franklin's famous lightning experiment with a tesla coil and examined artefacts linked to Dr Henson, another famous resident of the house. Take a look through the photos to see what a good time we had!



12 Nov 2017

Our next trip was to Rambert studios in Waterloo and was with a mixture of children from both classes. One that came were spoilt, the day was so inspiring I wish I could have taken everyone! We first were able to take a tour of the building including the costume department where the children got to try on real life costumes from Rambert's most famous dance. We then were able to go into the archives and take a look through the company's 91 year history. The highlight of the trip (for Miss Curry at least!) was the chance to sit in on the professional at work in a ballet workshop. To see professional dancers practise their moves with such ease and power was truly inspiring. The children were then able to take part in an hour long workshop with Tori, part of the company who also teaches once a week at Telferscot! The dance they produced was incredible! Take a look at the photos and videos to see what we got up to!



Trip madness!

02 Nov 2017

Morning everyone!

Hopefully, you recieved this year's term overview yesterday (if not, check the rucksacks!) with all the important dates you need for this term - one in particular being next week's parent conferences! Not being used to this 'sending them home because they're old enough' malarky means I haven't met quite a few of you so I am looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Next week you will also notice on the letter we have two trips coming up - one class one to the Benjamin Franklin museum on Tuesday and one for selected children only to Rambert and their performance studio (I frankly have no idea which I am more excited about!). However, for those children still at school (and not on Tag Rugby!) they will be taking part in a full STEM day using technology loaned to us by the CLC which is incredibly exciting - so much so, I'm almost jealous!

Keep your eyes peeled for photos etc over the next week or so and if you have any questions about any of the events or dates, then please dont hesistate to get in contact with me.