Children In Need 2017

09 Nov 2017

Hi Everyone

As I'm sure you already know, Telferscot are supporting Children in Need this year. We're doing some fabulous events to raise as much money as we can including an 80s dress up day on Friday 17th. Children are asked to donate £1 to have the amazing opportunity to wear such fantastic fashionable clothes and accessories! Well also be holding a spotty cake sale after school on the same day. 

This year teachers are asking you to sponsor them for different things they have chosen to do. 

Miss Ball - she's having her hair chopped! 

Mr Plews - he'll be having his legs waxed! 

Miss Curry - she's decided to have a load of food chucked on her 

Miss Newlig - wants to ride a stationary bike all day even when teaching! 

There will also be after school stocks... come and throw a pie in some teachers faces! 

We hope you're looking forward to this as much as we are and fingers crossed we raise lots of money for such an important cause. 


Miss C 


Smugglers Way Recycling Centre

12 Oct 2017

Hi All

Yesterday YEar 4 took a trip down to Wandsworth to visit the waste and recycling centre in Smugglers Way.

We were taken on a tour around the facility and we were told what happens to both our recyclable and non recyclable waste. Did you know any waste that cannot be recycled that goes to this specific centre is burned in order to create energy?

Have a look at the pictures.

Also don't forget - 19th October is the Street Food Market! If you could donate some food to help us raise money for our sponsored children through Action Aid we would be very grateful!


Miss C 


Sadiq Khan

05 Oct 2017

Hi Everyone 

for the next few weeks we will be learning about Sadiq Khan who is Year Four's focus person. 

Have a look at some links below to learn more about him and his career and his life. We've already started researching about him and have found out some really interesting facts!


Miss C


Making Recycled Paper!

04 Oct 2017

Hi Everyone

This morning we had a workshop carried out by the Western Riverside Waste Authority where we'll be visiting next Wednesday. Year four learnt how paper was recycled and we practised this method on a much smaller scale. We started off by using previously soaked newspaper which had become pulp. Then, after we had separated it further we then used a frame with a metal net to make a square of paper. After much soaking up with a sponge we were able to finally reveal the paper. 

They are currently drying at the moment so we'll be able to see the final result tomorrow morning! 

Miss C