A Pirates life!

18 May 2018

It's been a pirates life for us this week!

The children have continued our Explorers and Adventurers topic and focused on the ultimate adventurers, pirates.

To kick off the theme the children thought they had seen a pirate (who looked a lot like Miss Jolly!) outside the window during our EYFS assembly with Nursery and Explorers! In case she came back the children all wrote letters to her asking her questions. A few days later, amazingly, Miss skates and I found a message in the bottle in the Thames and it was a reply from the pirate. I know, Unbeliveble hey?! The children then obviously had to reply as the pirate had asked them what school was like and we needed to tell her! I was very impressed with their writing and they seemed very enthused by the topic!

In other activites they have been adding, subtracting and doubling pirates into a ship, sequencing numbered treasure, using directional language to direct their friends to find hidden treasure in the playground and had a go at making their own pirate hats and puppets.

The weather was so lovely this week we also had a morning making treasure maps on the common!

We also, as a little side track, had a go at decorating wedding cakes and writing wedding cards to Harry and Meghan! Any excuse to get pencil to paper...

All in all, it's been a fab themed few weeks and thank you for joining us in the fun last Friday!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fitzherbert