Year 1 LB

Week 2 Term 2

15 Nov 2018

Hi all welcome back to another edition of the 1LB blog! Let me run you through the busy week we have had this week and the progress the class have made.


The CLC Trip

As I am sure many of you have heard this week 1LB went on their first class trip! They all did excellently on public transport, in the rain, and with their learning at the far end. We returned to school with just as many children as we left with! CLC stands for Connected Learning Centre and it is a place that specialises in giving children computing skills in interesting ways. 1LB learnt to create ebooks on an Ipad and I have been looking through the finished pieces of work that were emailed to me yesterday, they are great! I will send these ebooks home via email to you all once I have organised them so just you wait for the literary release of the year to turn up in your inbox.



In maths this week we have been learning about time all children seem to have confidently grasped how to read an analogue clock on the hour and we are making good progress in identifying half past. It would be great if you could help the children retain this knowledge by testing them throughout weekends and evenings I am finidng myself far more relaxed as I can be sure atleast one child will let me know whenever another hour of the day has arrived.



This week in English we have been reading a book called 'Something Else' It is a very sweet book that looks at issues surrounding bullying and friendship, our current PSHE topic. The children have been developing their own characters based on the slightly unusual creatures that feature in the book. We have some very odd characters indeed and I hope we get the chance to let them all feature in a story!




PSHE has been our focus this week and specifically how we treat others, how we can be good friends, and what kind of behaviour is not acceptable. This has been an easy subject for me to teach as the whole class have a strong sense of what makes a good friend and their responsibilty to others. It is great to receive further confirmation of what a kind and well meaning bunch of kids 1LB are. 



We are currently experiencing a few technical difficulties with the school printers and we have so far been unable to print of this weeks homework. If I don't manage to print of the homework I will make sure that I do upload a copy onto the blog!


Have a great weekend!

All the best, 

Mr. Beazley