Final week of Nursery Rhymes

08 Feb 2018

We have had a jam packed this week! We started it off with Baa Baa black Sheep - we wanted to make it a bit more colourful so the children experimented mixing the prime colours to make multicoloured sheep. They also had a go at making character puppets which they role played with and revised the teen numbers by counting bags of wool.
On Tuesday it was e-safety day and we taught them how to stay safe on the internet through the story of 'Ben and his dog Buddy' which can be found on Twinkl. Ben has a tablet and every time it looks like he might be unsafe on the internet Buddy barks and sings a song telling him to go and show an adult what is on the screen. The children responded really well to it and also had a visit from Year 6's 'Digital champions' who spoke to them about 'Hector the protector' which is a little dolphin downloaded onto the school laptops - if pressed it will make the screen blank allowing the children to get an adult.
For the rest of the week we have been touching on Hickory Dickory dock, making their own clocks and learning o'clock timings. We have also spent some time making a little surprise for the 14th Feb!

We have you have a fabulous half term!

Best wishes,
The Adventurers team