Summer Fair!

29 Jun 2017

Hi 1LJ!

We have had a super fun week of learning! As well as this, (in case you didn't know already) we have been watching caterpillars grow and build cocoons and yesterday, they all hatched out of their cocoons and are now beautiful butterflies. They are spending a bit of time on each table before we set them free. Pop in to see them after school if you have time!

Learning we have done this week:

English: Letter writing. We read the story 'Alfie Gives a Hand' by Shirley Hughes and wrote a letter to Bernard in the character of Alfie. We learnt about where we write our address and the date.

Maths: Multiplication using repeated addition and arrays.

Science: Describing different materials and their properties.

Art: Planning our weather collage using oil pastels and paint.

Geography: Learning about weather around the world


Golden Lotteries

CONGRATULATIONS to Jaiden, whose name got picked out of the Golden Lottery box for 'not giving up when faced with a challenge'.

Another congratulations to Benjamin who received a Golden Lottery this week for his AMAZING letter writing in English.

Summer Fair

Don't forget to come to Telferscot's Summer Fair this Saturday 1st July 2017. Thank you to the children who have returned their treasure bags. They all look like they are filled with lots of fun and exciting things! 


Thank you to Kathy who has offered to help us out with our Library trip this Friday. If there are any other parents who are free between 12.45 and 2.30pm please let me know! If we don't have enough adults then we will not be able to go.

Telfer Gallery

Next Thursday 6th July, the children's art project will be showcased after school from 5.30-6.30pm. They will be working in groups to produce a 'Wild Weather' collage. Please come along to have a look at their creative work.

Show and Tell

Well done to Maia, who talked to us about playdough and its properties, which linked nicely to our science learning this week. 

Next Wednesday is Macaws turn for show and tell. Learning theme: Weather and collaging using different materials. 

Happy learning!

Miss Jun-Tai



National Theatre and Coding

22 Jun 2017

Hi 1LJ,

It has been a sweltering week due to the hot weather, but despite this, we have been able to do so much learning AND go on two school trips!

'The Story Fisher's' performance at the National Theatre was a success and the children loved meeting Ted and Dom dressed in their fishy outfits! It was a wonderful experience and we can now all say that we have been on the stage of the National Theatre!

The children also loved their trip to the CLC and learnt all about coding and how computers need to follow precise instructions (algorithms) in order to work. If you would like your child to continue this learning at home and have an ipad, download the app 'Scratch Jnr'. It is very child friendly and it's FREE! Win win. 

Please don't forget that this Friday 23rd is MUFTI DAY! Please bring in something for the hamper prizes at the summer fair.


NEXT WEEK - We will be visiting Balham library on Friday 30th June. We need some extra adults to accompany us on the journey so if you are free from 12.45 - 2.30pm please let me know. 


Show and tell


Learning theme: Multiplication (2's, 5's, 10's), letter writing to the character 'Alfie' from Shirley Hughes story, friendships, materials and their properties. 

Happy learning

Miss Jun-Tai


Tower of London

16 Jun 2017

Hi 1LJ!

We had a fantastic trip to the Tower of London where we had a peek inside King Edward III's bedroom and learnt about some of the items he possessed. We also saw the crown jewels and spotted some of the famous ravens flying around. 

Other things we learnt last week:

English: Exploring adjectives based on the poem 'Moon' by Shirley Hughes.

Maths: Partitioning 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and adding two 2-digit numbers together using the partitioning method. e.g. 

13 + 24 = 37

1. 10 + 20 = 30

2. 3 + 4 = 7

3. 30 + 7 = 37

Science: Labelling different materials and looking at their properties


This week we have an extremely busy week with trips to the National Theatre and the CLC. PLEASE return permission slips as I have still haven't received them all.

Show and Tell: This Wednesday is Tigers turn for show and tell. Learning theme: Shirley Hughes poems/stories, objects and materials.

Happy learning

Miss Jun-Tai 


Wild Weather!

09 Jun 2017

Hi 1LJ!

Welcome back to our last ever term in Year 1! :-(

I hope you all had a lovely half term and are ready for this terms exciting learning!

This week, we introduced our new georgraphy topic 'Wild Weather', by looking at some weather poetry and writing our own. 

Other learning we have done this week...

Maths: Solving word problems and making up our own, re-capping on subtracting using a number line, and adding and taking away multiples of 10 e.g. 40 + 20.

Geography: Learning about the weather cycle.

Phonics Screening Check

Next week is the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check! Keep practising your phonics at home and best of luck!

Tower of London

I want to confirm that our trip will still be going ahead. In the light of recent events, we would like to reassure you that we have been seeking advice from the government who have recommended that we should continue to go on as normal. If you have any further concerns about your child going on the trip then please speak to Miss Martin, Mr Godfrey or Miss Bowerman about this.

International Night

Next Friday 16th June is our International Night! Please come along and enjoy all of the great food and performances!

National Theatre

Some parents still haven't confirmed if they want a ticket. Please can you do this by next Wednesday 14th June as I have had parents enquiring about whether there are extra tickets available and we will have to pick names out of a hat.

Show and Tell

Next Wednesday is Lemurs turn for show and tell. Learning theme: Looking at the poem 'Moon' by Shirley Hughes, adding and taking away multiples of 10 and exploring different materials in science.

Happy learning

Miss Jun-Tai