Year 3 AN

500 words and creating compasses

03 Feb 2018

In Year 3 we have decided to harness the enthusiasm following our Viking topic and write our very own Viking Sagas. We are currently reading 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' which has inspired our own stories which we hope you may like to enter into the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition,  click here to find out more.

In science we have made our own compasses, the children were given a range of equipment from which to work out how best to allow their magnet to pivot and point to Magnetic North. Our art classes with Dom on Monday afternoons are going to carry on until Easter which is very exciting!

Letters for a trip to the National Protrait Gallery for soon after Half Term have gone out, please make sure you return them as soon as possible, especially if you require a school packed lunch!

Finally, we are really enjoying our Viking stories at the minute and are keen to continue and grow our love of reading. If you find yourself with a spare half and hour (or more) during the week and would like to come and listen to some of our readers we would be incredibly grateful! 

Miss Newling