Year 5 JD


25 May 2018

Hi everyone.

What a great Sports Day we had. The children were amazing and seemed to enjoy every second of it. Thank you so much for coming along and supporting everyone.

BElow is a copy of our homework for half term.

Year 5 May Half-Term Homework

Next term we will be undertaking an art project, which is our whole school focus. In Year 5 we will each need a shoe box (with its lid if possible) to act as a container for our art designs. Each of the boxes will eventually be painted so it would be helpful if labels or tags could be removed as much as possible without damaging the box. Please don’t hurry to buy a pair of shoes, amongst us all there should be enough to share: so bring in extra ones you have as well as one for yourself!

Geography will be our other main subject. In order to get us started and be able to share what we know about other places your main task is to prepare a presentation about a main city from around the globe. This can take any form you would like, from an information text with images in a word document, to an A4 poster, to some writing in your homework books. If you would like either Mr Davies or Ms Diego to print anything for you, do email us your homework. You could include information about the types of buildings, natural structures (mountains, lakes, rivers and types of trees), types of transport and information about language, culture and lifestyle.


  • Collect and bring in shoe boxes
  • Create a presentation about a major global city
  • Complete your mathletics homework


I hope you all have a lovely week, and look forawrd to our final term together!

Mr Davies