20 Nov 2017

HI everyone.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Just to let you know that we raised over £1300 for Children in Need last week. SO a BIG thank you to all of you that donated money. The children really enjoyed the assembly we had and there were some awesome costumes.

The big performance is only a week away!! The children have done a great job learning their lines and the song. This week we will be focussing on their acting skills and fine tuning the show. I have asked the children to let you know that all they will need for their costume is a BLACK T’SHIRT (short or long sleeve) and BLACK LEGGINGS. Please bring them in ASAP this week in a bag with their name on. If you have any issues regarding the costume items, please can you let me know!

Have a good week,

Mr Davies


This week...

13 Nov 2017

Hi everyone, I hoep you all had a lovely weekend! 

It’s Monday, which means one thing…it’s an opportunity for children to express themselves and appreciate individuality and uniqueness by wearing ‘Odd Socks’! Why are we doing this? It's because this week is Ant Bullying!


Next Friday is Children in Need and this year it’s 80s theme! So dress up in the best 80s costume you can think of and donate a £1 for charity. There will be different things happening on that day as well, for instance…there will be a cake sale after school, and you’ll also get the chance to get your own back on some of the teachers throughout the day. The teachers listed below have agreed that if enough money can be raised by your sponsorship, they will do the following: -

Miss Ball – will cut her hair off (donating her hair to children’s charity to make children’s wigs)

Mr Plews – will have his legs waxed (Mr Davies to be the wax them with a big smile on his face)

Miss Curry – will have food thrown at her

Miss Newling – will ride a stationary bike all day

Miss Diego – will belly dance in assembly

Miss Fitzherbert, Mrs Priest and Miss Skates – will be in the stocks at the end of the day.

So please sponsor and help us raise money for Children in Need while enjoying the teachers’ suffering!

Mr Davies


More beach fun

01 Nov 2017


Beach fun

01 Nov 2017