It's the final count down...

17 Jul 2017

Hello Adventurers, 

just a few reminders for this week: 

1. Graduation tomorrow is at 2:30pm in the canteen. We have made a few treats for the children  and parents to eat but if you would like to add to the collection and bring a cake/biscuits etc... that would be greatly appreciated. 

2. Sports day is on Thursday on the common and children are to arrive in their sports kit. We will still have sport on Wednesday so I will send the children home with their kits. 

3. We have our assemblies on the last day of term and the children can be picked up at 2pm. 

I cant believe it's our final week! 

By MF 

Art Gallery

06 Jul 2017

Good morning Adventurers, 

We have had a lovely week this week and are starting the run down to the end of year... 

The children have been fabulous learning their graduation songs (a letter about the graduation will go out tomorrow but as a reminder it is on the 18th at 2:30pm) the class have even written some of the lyrics in their yellow books. We have revised numbers to 20 and found the answers to sums, using playdough to help them - a lot of fun was had splatting the play dough balls when taking away! They have drawn maps of the school so they can remember it over the holidays and spoken about the different rooms they will use in Year One. They have drawn pictures for Miss Jun Tai and will be meeting her this afternoon. We have also been practising for sports day in PE and learnt some new moves in dance. I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Sam Vaughn for teaching the children French, they are loving it! 

All of their portraits are ready for the Art Gallery tonight so please do come along to see their hard work - we will be in the canteen. 

We have a library trip tomorrow and we need helpers, so please let me know if you are free. We sadly will have to cancel the trip if there aren't enough adults to walk with us. 

Hopefully see you tonight! 

Miss Fitzherbert 




04 Jul 2017

Just to say I am sorry there haven't been any pictures on the blog recently - a few class blogs are having trouble uploading but I am on the case and hopefully should be working soon!

Two reminders...

We have our library trip this Friday from 12:15-2ish and are in need of some parent helpers. If you are free please let me know - it is greatly appreciated! 

This Thursday we have our Art Gallery from 6:30-7:30 please come along to see the children's work!

Miss Fitzherber

This Week

30 Jun 2017

We have had a lovely week in Adventurers this week....

The children have written lists of what they want to take with them to Year One, revised 3D shapes, continued with their art gallery portraits, learnt our graduation songs and talked about their new teacher! There are a few pics of the action. 

Also a big thank to Harrison's mum for talking about being a dentist and how important it is to brush your teeth. The children loved it and they have been some hand outs sent home. 

As you know Miss Jun-Tai will be their teacher next year and when I told them they all seemed very happy! They will spend an hour with her next on Thursday and their new teaching assistant Mr Neville....I might cry.... I'm going to have to look away... 

Just so you know, I was out of class on Wednesday for the new Adventurers induction meetings and Mrs Budge covered for me. This will happen again on Wednesday so if your child is talking about Mrs B that is why. It only seems a few weeks ago I was having the meetings with this class! Gone so fast! 

REMINDER: Art gallery is on Thursday at 6:30-7:30pm. Please come along to see your child's project, they have worked hard on them. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend and see you tomorrow for the fair. 

Miss Fitzherbert