Year 1 LJ

Rights and Responsibilities

20 Sep 2018

Hi 1LJ!

This week we started off our deep dive learning of our topic 'Rights and Responsibilities'. The children learned how special they all are and the different rights that they have. We read the story 'For Every Child', which explains the rights of the child clearly with nice illustrations. We then went on to look at Article 17 of the UNCRC which states that children have the right to get information in lots of different ways, so long as it's safe.

We talked about where we can get information and the children came up with lots of suggestions such as Mum and Dad, teachers, ipads, newspapers, non-fiction books, phones etc so the children have spent the week finding new information from different sources. 

Other things we have learnt this week:

English - Writing lists for a recipe, characters in a children's rhyme, our outdoor toys and foods we like and dislike. We learnt that when we write lists we write the words down the page rather than across and sometimes we use numbers. 

Maths - We have been learning about 'one more' and 'one less'. Most of us understood what 'more' and 'less' meant but some of us were unsure which direction to count on the number line. 

Computing - We browsed on the newsround website to find out the weekly news. 

Music - We have been learning the song 'Frere Jacques' and getting ready to perform it during our singing assembly next week to help us celebrate International Languages Day. 

Star of the Week

Well done to Ethan, who is our 'Star of the Week' for working super hard at phonics!

Show and Tell

Next week is Lemurs turn for show and tell. Learning theme: What is the difference between the truth and an opinion? Can you find out some news/facts from a reliable source? Measuring objects with rulers and cubes.

Have a good weekend :-)

Miss Jun-Tai