Hannakah and Birthdays

14 Nov 2018

We gave really enjoyed learning all about Diwali this week! Next week we will be moving on to thinking about some new celebrations.

We will start with the Jewish holiday, Hannakah. This will involve looking at how Jewish people celebrate this holiday, why they celebrate it and looking at some artefacts e.g. Manorahs, Dreidels and skull caps. We will be making synagogues out of junk modelling, adding candles to Manorahs and making Dreidels. 

We will then end the week talking about how different cultures celebrate birthdays and how that is similar or different to how the children celebrate theirs. We will also be highlighting that some people do not celebrate the day they were born. Some activities will include making birthday cards, adding candles to cakes and wrapping presents. 

Please see the notice board outside the classroom for details of Nursery sessions available and about the fundraiser for DOTS (Dogs on the Streets)-Please be aware that we need all donations in school by the end of this week. 

Thank you so much for all your support,

Miss Skates and the Nursery team :)