Art Evening

06 Jul 2017

Hi all

Tonight is our Art Gallery evening! We will be showcasing the children's wonderful and abstract art sculptures which they have worked incredibly hard on.

Please do come along from 6:30-7:30 to have a look at your child's creations. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Miss C 


Reading, Spellings & Mathletics

29 Jun 2017

Hi Everyone

I hope you're all well and enjoying our glorious English weather! 

For the last few days we have been having a real push on reading and spelling as these have become a little forgotten as of late. You'll find that children are being given quite similar homework but this is in order to help them get into a better routine of reading every night and learning spellings more frequently. The last few results of spellings tests has been quite poor!

Please ensure that your child is learning spellings every night. These are words that are particularly important as they are part of the curriculum. 

We also need to make sure that children are completing their Mathletic tasks. Children can do a few minutes each night or opt to have a block of time within a week to tackle their challenges. 




Welcome Back... The Final Countdown

08 Jun 2017

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to our final half term. I trust you had a restful week off and are now ready to enjoy all the fun things that will be happening at school. 

In Year 5 our Geography topic is Volcanoes & Earthquakes, children will be exploring where these happen and why. We are also studying Anne Fine's Flour Babies and Bill's New Frock in English. We'll also be experimenting looking after our very own flour babies (I've already caught someone banging on their bag of flour with heavy fists!).

As always there are many events taking place and we will keep you updated with them as they happen. Here are a few dates to remember for your diary:

Friday 9th June - Dads Charity Cycle Challenge

Friday 16th June - International Day & Night

Monday 19th June - Careers Day

Saturday 1st July - Summer Fair

Have a great week!

Miss C 


All About Humans and Animals

18 May 2017

Hi All

As you know I asked children to bring in a picture of themselves when they were little. This was all to do with our Science topic - Animals Including Humans. 

We have been looking at how animals and humans change as they grow, what they are able to do now that they couldn't do before and the main differences between adults and children. This has linked really well with SRE too where we have explored the changes that happen to our body because of puberty.

Have a look at the picture and see how our collage of photos is looking. Can you guess who is who?