We did it!

17 Nov 2017

It was a wonderful Children in Need celebration today! The children looked fabulous in their 80s gear and they all donated so much. As a class we raised £66 just through dress up and sponsorship money. As a whole school we've raised over £900. This is so amazing, well done everyone! 

Miss Ball

Children in Need is tomorrow!

16 Nov 2017

Please remember that Children in Need is tomorrow. For this, children can come dressed in 80s themed outfits if they bring £1 and they can also donate to the teachers doing crazy things (hair chopping, leg waxing, cycling all day, belly dancing etc). There will be a yummy spotty cake sale at the end of the day too so please bring cakes to sell! You can now donate online using parentpay as well. This is such a great cause and we're looking forward to raising as much as we possible can to help.

Children in Need

09 Nov 2017

Next Friday (17th November) is Children in Need and this year there is a lot going on to raise money for this great cause! On Friday, children are asked to donate £1 and dress up in an 80s theme which will be great fun. The teachers are also going a bit crazy for Children in Need and are asking you to sponsor them to do the following things:

I will be getting an extreme hair cut! (My hair will be chopped off in assembly!)
Mr Plews will be getting his legs waxed (and yes, we get to watch the ordeal in assembly too!)
Miss Curry is getting food thrown on her.
Miss Newling will pedal a stationary bike all day, even while teaching!

There will also be teachers in stocks after school to throw pies at as well as a wonderful spotty cake sale.

We hope that you are looking forward to this and are willing to donate. I’m quite nervous about getting my hair chopped, but really hoping to raise lots of money for such an important cause!

By Miss Ball

Poetry and particles

02 Nov 2017

Welcome back to another busy term at Telferscot, I hope you all had a wonderful break! This term we are focusing on poetry which is excellent because I have discovered this week that 4HB are a class of poets! They have been really impressing me with their imaginative language and use of poetic devices. They have particularly enjoyed writing spooky Halloween poems which they have displayed on pumpkins or ghosts in our classroom. We have also started learning our new science topic, 'States of Matter'. The children used their bodies to demonstrate brilliantly the particle arrangement in solids, liquids and gases outside in the playground. Can you tell from the pictures which state of matter they were acting out?

By Miss Ball