Year 4 HB

Tie dye testing

17 May 2018

This week 4HB have started learning about tie dying in art. They have been trying out different techniques of folding and tying to create a range of effects including bullseye, diamond, striped and circled. The children have enjoyed testing out their favourite technique on a small piece of material to see how it works and how they want to adapt their technique for their main product. This will be a tshirt in a house colour to wear for sports day! Keep an eye out for pictures of the tshirts once they have been completed.

4HB have also been getting very creative when writing stories of the narrative poem 'The Highwayman'. The children have been impressing me with their use of new vocabulary and stylistic language in these ghost stories which have been making me feel quite scared! The children's musicianship skills have also been fabulous this week, with their singing so good in asembly that we won the 'Singers of the week' award. Well done 4HB!


By Miss Ball