Year 4 HB

David Walliams

12 Jul 2018

Our author study this term is the multi-talented David Walliams who has written so many of the books that children in 4HB love to read. They are becoming David Walliams experts, looking into his many different careers and his interesting life so far to help write detailed biographies about him. We are also reading the very first children's book he wrote, 'The Boy in the Dress' which follows football-mad Dennis and his love of fashion. This has inspired good discussions in class about breaking gender stereotypes and respecting eachother's decisions. The character Dennis has a best friend called Darvesh who is a Sikh. We have been learning a lot about Sikhism in R.E to compliment the book, such as finding out all about the 5Ks of Sikhism. 


By Miss Ball