04 Mar 2014

Did you know?

We had a Family Learning event recently on a Saturday at the Southbank. All junior school children will be taking a trip up to the Southbank  on Thursday 23rd October to join in a march for Children's Rights.

Our very own Telferscot FAST Programme  has running on Mondays. We've had lots of sign ups for this excellent programme of activities supported by Save The Children and Middlesex University.

You can read the Latest Telferscot Weekly Newsletter here.

Our 'Walking Bus' has started and runs every wednesday- come along before 8.30am to Balham Sainsburys and enjoy a breakfast snack.

{"didyouknow":{"text":"Did you know? Attendance for today is 98.55% The lowest we've had this term :-( (Mr C's sad face) "}}

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