04 Mar 2014

Did you know?

We have cakes for sale in the playground after school on Friday 23rd raising funds for Macmillan- Thank you! over £400 has been raised so far.

We are also asking our school community to fill out a short survey about how we communicate- please have your say here.

We have Parent Governor Elections coming soon- read on for further information.

Telferscot's Water Challenge is here.

We are running the Families Connect Programme for 4-6 year olds- read on to find out more! (sign up from Friday in the school house)

New to Telferscot families and should recieve a voucher for a free frothy coffee for the session on Friday 30th September-please let the office or Mr Godfrey know if you don't recieve yours via email.

You can read the Latest Telferscot Weekly Newsletter here.

 Makers Of Lovely Things is coming here on Thursday 17th November 7-9pm. Read on to find out more..


{"didyouknow":{"text":"Parent governor elections are coming soon- look out for further info! "}}

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